Refund Policy and Terms of Service

Listed below are several items that may (but hopefully do not) concern a buyer of my services. I ask that you read them before purchasing along with my About page. Please understand that the items on Bathe With Love are hand-crafted, small-batch, herbal based products that have been designed by myself, Alyse. I am not a doctor and I do not have legal grounding to diagnose, cure nor treat medical issues of any kind. All products should be used at your own risk and I strongly encourage you to read up on any product's ingredients before adding them to your routine. If you are taking medications or have pre-existing illnesses, a doctor with knowledge of medicinal herbs should be consulted prior to treating yourself with medicinal herbs.

My sole purpose here is to give my best not to perform miracles.

Terms of Service:  All orders taken through this site must be paid for before item(s) will be shipped. If for any reason, payment is delayed, declined, etc, item(s) will not be shipped until payment is received. Bathe With Love or any associated individuals are responsible for payments being accepted or declined.

Refund Policy:  Due to the intimate nature of the majority of Bathe With Love's products, refunds will be conducted on a case by case basis. If you feel as if you deserve a refund for any reason, please email me, Alyse, at Include a picture of the product you received, date of purchase, date of arrival if shipped to you and cause of unsatisfaction. A refund is never guaranteed. A store credit may be issued in place of a refund. Items may NEVER be returned.

Cancellation Policy:   Cancellation must be submitted and approved BEFORE the item(s) is shipped. If cancellation occurs after, it will not be accepted. All of Bathe With Love's items are crafted with intention in small batches. For larger orders, cancellation may not be available due to the amount of investment on the craftsman's end of the agreement. Please order and purchase items with Bathe With Love with Intention.

All products produced by Bathe With Love are created in small batches and made with intention. For this reason, some items may be "in stock" but are being crafted as ordered. Please allow at least one (1) week for fulfillment. Once your order has been fulfilled, please contact me, Alyse, at if you have not received a tracking number. If you have received a tracking number, please be patient as I do use the USPS and I am not responsible for the speed of shipping. Orders can NOT be cancelled once they have been shipped for any reason except for craftsman's error (e.i. wrong product, shipped to wrong address, etc.)

No personal information will be stored by Bathe With Love for any use outside of the companies listed below to the best of my knowledge at the time of writing this. If you have any questions or concerns about the following companies privacy policies, please contact them. If you have questions or concerns about how Bathe With Love is using your personal information, please contact me, Alyse, at Personal information is collected and stored with the following companies. Please review their privacy policies.
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