Sacral Chakra Bath Blend

Sacral Chakra Bath Blend


Can be drank as a tea or used in your bath.


Sacral Wellness! A mixture of black tea, whole dried calendula, jasmine and orange peel. Crafted to balance your sacral chakra and help you manifest powers of your sexual energy, emotions, feelings, creativity and fantasies.


Please use this tea with either our satchel bag or with a good strainer.
Drink plenty of WATER before and after a hot bath. Besides clear, scientific proof of how important hydration is, water is a spiritual purifying and cleansing liquid that cant be surpassed.

  • In a Bath...

    1. Take a good shower. Whether you exfoilate, use detox soaps or just plain soap and water, clean yourself well. A dirty body may cause a ring to form around your tub (the oils from your skin will collect dirt from your body and the pigmentation from the herbs/botanicals). A dirty body may also discolor your water or cause a yeast infection in women.
    2. Clean your tub and rinse WELL! Any chemical residue may throw off the pH of your bath or irritate your skin.
    3. Run your bath water as you usually would and add your tea whether loose or in a satchel. If you are placing the tea blend in a cotton satchel, hang the satchel underneath the running water.
    4. If using a satchel, squeeze the satchel. This will help release color and any active chemicals such as antioxidants, flavonoids, etc.
    5. Do not allow solid tea material to go down the drain. These herbs and flowers can and will clog your drain overtime. Please use a strainer of some sort or use a cotton satchel to prevent unwanted material from going down the drain.
    6. Enjoy your bath!

    Adding two cups of Epsom salt will aid to soften the skin and ease muscle pain and spasms.

  • As a Tea..

    1. Use about 1-2 teaspoon of blend. We recommend using either a tea bag or strainer.
    2. Pour 6-8 floz of boiling water over tea blend and steep for 2-3 minutes.
    3. Sweetened if desired.
    4. Enjoy, visual and manifest.
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