Third Eye Chakra Blend

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A mixture of rosemary, butterfly pea flower, lavender, citric acid and epsom salt. Crafted to balance your third eye chakra and help you manifest powers of intuition, clarity and purity of intent.
The citric acid helps lower the pH of water (your skin is natural around 5.5 while tap water ranges from 8-6.5). Because of this, this blend is only offered in single use sizes (don't worry, packaging is plastic-free). Please do not add any additional acidic elements such as vinegar to the citric acid mix!
A blend without citric acid and epsom salt is available. The water will not turn purple without the addition of acid. Add additional acid (such as vinegar, lemon/lime juice or citric acid) at your own risk.

You can also order this product as "Just Herbs" and skip out on the epsom salt and citric acid. This will allow you to portion out the herb blend as you desire. The water will turn blue instead of purple.

Drink plenty of WATER before and after a hot bath. Besides clear, scientific proof of how important hydration is, water is a spiritual purifying and cleansing liquid that cant be surpassed.